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A Seasoned Pediatric Nutritionist at Your Service

Ilisa Nussbaum, the owner of IN Nutrition, is an award-winning Registered Dietitian Nutritionist certified by the state of Connecticut. She’s here to help create healthy eating plans for children of all ages


About Ilisa

In 2008, she returned to school to pursue her passion for nutrition following a career stint in television and marketing. Since then, she has been busy teaching cooking and nutrition at preschools and youth sports teams, especially for kids with special needs.

Ilisa works as a trained specialist in the Dietetic Internship Program at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital, specializing in pediatric nutrition and coordinating the Ketogenic Diet Clinic.

Ilisa Nussbaum: A Trusted Pediatric Nutrition Specialist


Ilisa Nussbaum MPH, RD CD-N

Ilisa is an award-winning Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, certified by the state of Connecticut. Ilisa currently works at Yale Children's Hospital, specializing in Pediatric Nutrition and coordinating the Ketogenic Diet Clinic. Trained in the Dietetic Internship program at Yale-New Haven Hospital, she is also a mom to two hockey players and one little ballerina.

Ilisa began her career in television and marketing before returning to school in 2008 to pursue her passion for nutrition. Since then, she has also been busy teaching cooking and nutrition to kids with special needs, at preschools, and to youth sports teams.

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